February 10, 2019

Achieve Your Personal Best

Welcome to this weeks episode of “On the Couch with M&M.”

How is your business plan for 2019 going?

Are you on track or off track?

In a four-part series, Manos & Maria revisit the PB2019 Goals & Business Planning program.

After completing six intensive PB2019 workshops in Sales, Property Management and Business Ownership, Manos & Maria review the 4 parts of the program with further detail & provide a strategic framework to keep you on track.

As we cross over the first “10% of 2019” this is an opportune time to review & reset the activities required to achieve the results and targets you are aiming for.

We hope you enjoy this weeks episode and the coming episodes. As always, we welcome your comments & feedback below and please tag a friend or colleague you think may benefit from the content.

Thank you, M&M.