Whenever I am speaking on a coaching level to business owners, agents, property managers and those wanting to achieve a level of success in their desired field or line of work, I often reflect on my opening questions as a point of reference.

What I mean by that is I try to gauge their level of commitment, effort and energy they place on achieving their goals. i.e. are they all in, obsessed or playing at average? I then try to dig a little deeper to see if their ‘words and answers’ reflect their actions. Are they walking their talk or just talking the talk?

Here is a simple example of what I mean.
When an agent says that they have committed to personally delivering direct mail (letterbox drops) in their farm area every week, what results or interesting aspect of doing it, would one notice if they did it? The obvious one is that you would expect inbound calls. At least one per thousand drops. But what else?

Those of us who have done it (yes I’ve done my fair share of letterbox dropping!) would know that on some occasions, we would find that our last week’s drops have not been collected by the homeowner & still in the mailbox. Besides, we would expect to see opposition agents drops in the mailbox’s as well. (And by the way, it’s a criminal offence to pull out material from private letterbox’s so don’t think you can replace competitors drops with yours – as tempting as it is! – I know you were thinking it! Lol). Besides inbound calls, these two aspects of ‘letterbox dropping’ are part and parcel of the activity.

It’s a simple example of an effective prospecting activity if done correctly, which will with 100% accuracy, (YES, WITH 100% ACCURACY) return results. But here’s the thing. You have to be ‘ALL IN’ and ‘OBSESSED’ with the activity to generate the best results. I find many agents begin with good intentions. That is they will do one week of drops, then the second, but then the third week they may miss it. Then they may do it the following week and then thereafter it just becomes sporadic. That is, they ‘play at average,’ and then, when the results are not there, say ‘it doesn’t work for me.’

What do you think the ‘successful’ people do differently to the ‘it doesn’t work for me’ people?

They make it work! They are ‘all in.’ More importantly, they don’t make up excuses, and they hold themselves accountable to the actions and activities.

The ‘all in’ & ‘obsessive’ principals apply in everything we do in real estate (let alone our lives in general). Letterbox dropping is one of the 1%’ ers. It’s making the calls. It’s getting committed to your digital footprint & social media strategy. It’s ‘sharpening the saw’ on your craft – mastering your listing & negotiation skills. It’s going ‘ALL IN’ in EVERYTHING; whatever it takes.

So, are you all in, obsessed or playing at average? Or are you one of those people wanting ‘all in and obsessive’ outcomes & results, but only wanting to play at average? Not willing to go ‘all in’ and commit to the long game?

If you are one of the latter, I’m sorry to burst any bubbles; but the harsh reality is just that. Real estate, whether it be in sales, property management or building an office and team all require one thing. ALL IN and OBSESSIVE behaviours to achieve results. You can’t play in comfortable mode; it just doesn’t work in real estate. It has to be ‘all in.’

And the cherry on the cake is this. EVERYONE who goes all in and is obsessed will achieve their goals. It’s as predictable as the sun rising in the morning, or as evidenced by the guy in the picture going ‘all in’ at the gym – the results are obvious.

“Success belongs only to those who are willing to work harder than anyone else” – Anonymous


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