September 13, 2018

Business News Blog | Building Corporate Character


In today’s episode, Brand Profiler and Neuromarketing Educator, Jacki Mitchell returns to the couch to discuss the rise of H2H business and how a Corporate Character enables you to develop strong human to human relationships that will help you succeed in your marketplace.

Be true to you and connect with your clients.

Watch today’s video for tips on how to build a personal brand that effectively communicates your message whilst being true to your authentic self.

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1:52 – Eview philosophy: Giving members a unique identity in the marketplace

2:23 – H2H and the new form of business

3:16 – Neuromarketing: how leveraging other existing brands and existing memories can help your brand.

5:13 – How to win business in your marketplace

6:58 – A corporate character: what is it and how do you create yours?

9:55 – What is it about your style that people like – use 360-degree feedback to find out.

10:39 – How to use LinkedIn to ask for testimonials

12:04 – Why emotional personality traits are better when building your corporate character