August 16, 2018

Business News Blog | PERSPECTIVE 2018 Part 1

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In today’s blog, we are joined by the great Tanja M Jones who shares with us the key learnings from the Macquarie Bank PERSPECTIVE 2018 Real Estate Leadership Conference, and how you can use these key learnings to successfully grow your business in the changing times ahead.

Change brings opportunity.

Watch today’s video for tips on how to prepare for the changes that are coming AND how to leverage these changes in your business.

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01:20 – Perspective 2018: How to remain relevant in an industry that is facing a lot of disruption.

06:05 – Key themes: Purpose, Leadership, Innovation, How to thrive.

06:18 – Future prediction: 25% drop in sales & property management.

07:10 – Building an ecosystem for the client – how to offer adjacent value.

10:39 – Change and disruption is not an excuse to use when your business is not performing.

12:40 – Ecosystem service touchpoints: minimise, personalise and make them memorable

15:20 – Client Experience – the importance to go above and beyond

17: 37 – “The future in real estate is change and we need to disrupt ourselves”

19:28 – Why this is the most exciting time to be in real estate

21:00 – Marc Randolph, CEO of Netflix: how to go from a start up to an internet empire

24:34 – Are you growing or going backwards?

25:30 – How automating systems will enable your staff to shine and be of more service to your clients

26:30 – Maintaining relevance with the customer – is your content consumer orientated?

26:55 – 7.6 Billion dollars is being invested in real estate technology

28:24 – The importance of your digital footprint: 72% of consumers are researching their agents online

31:15 – Summary of learnings from Perspective 2018: become a project manager of the sales process.