October 24, 2018

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The fact that the market is changing is daunting for many business owners however, it is nothing unusual in the sales lifecycle: we are simply coming out of a crazy summer and going into a cooler autumn.

But transitioning from summer to autumn can be challenging, both for business owners and their staff.

Today, we will discuss how the current market’s challenges are actually opportunities and how you as a leader can inspire your team to capitalise on these opportunities.

Watch today’s episode for tips on training exercises you can implement as well as processes you can set in place to help you navigate your team and your business as the market adjusts from nuts to normal.

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0:40 – The challenging market and bubble burst

01:07 – From Nuts to normal

2:10 – How you as a business owner can navigate financially in the changing market.

3:33 – The importance of managing Vendor Paid Advertising in the current market

5:16 – Keep on top of your expenses by regularly checking your bills.

6:31 – Vendor management training

07:40 – The challenging market as an opportunity

8:28 – why you need to put a price adjustment process in place

9:11 – Train across the board to be on top of your game

9:40 – Have more Quick Chats

10:55 – How events help team spirit and comradery

11:20 – Sharing stock lists and teamwork

12:08 – Volume is vanity, profit is sanity and cash is king