November 1, 2018

Growing your business through networking


Today we are joined by the networking queen, relationship extraordinaire and award-winning distributor of SendOutCards, Dhea Bartlett from Dhea’s Ideas who shares her top tips for successful networking.

In today’s interview, we discuss the power of networking events and how attending or hosting these events will enable you to grow and cultivate fruitful business relationships that will help you reach your business goals. Whatever your situation may be, Dhea will outline out networking helps develop your visibility, turn up your credibility and lead to profitability in the marketplace.

Watch today’s episode for tips on how you can join networking groups that suit your goals or what you should consider should you wish to create your own.

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If you’d like to know more about Dhea Bartlett and some of the networking events that she hosts, visit her website here

2:35 The winning networking attitude: attend events with the mindset of giving.

3:25 – Set a clear networking goal and budget.

04:00 – Network consistently twice a week to achieve top-of-mind awareness.

5:50 – Going alone to networking events will help you meet new people

06:47 – Know who is in the room: seize the opportunity to connect with people suited to your business goals.

7:22 – Networking events that are structured produce the best results.

08:00 – Be specific when describing what type of person you’re looking to connect with.

09:33 – Don’t be scared to run your own networking event

11:28 – Making connections and building relationships will generate business

13:22 – Use social media to stay in touch after and between events.

Starting your own networking group

14:14 – Tip #1: Find a venue that is accessible with parking options for the attendees.

14:46 – Tip #2: Select a time that fits your schedule and lifestyle

15:11 – Tip #3: Schedule time for one on one’s within the meeting

15:55 – Tip #4: Set a standard by making your networking events exclusive