How is your energy?

Welcome to another edition of ‘On the Couch with M&M.’

In this week’s episode, Maria and Manos talk about ‘energy.’ That all important characteristic which is separating the good agents from the great agents.

In these uncertain times there are two types of agents in the market. Those that have accepted and adapted to the new normal, finished off the new financial year and set a plan for the new one and continue to hustle and make things happen.  And then, on the other end of the scale, there are those agents that are simply flat and using the current challenging environment as an excuse. They have had the negative attitude that it is all too hard and expect not to do well, and of course, that has been their outcome.

We know that the volume of sales has dramatically decreased in many marketplaces, so it is ever more important and critical that agents spread their wings and look beyond their traditional marketing areas to source and find new opportunities. People are selling and people continue to buy and that is an incredibly positive sign for our industry and the economy.

Maintaining your energy and having a long term view of your career in real estate, ensuring that you are ‘all-in’ as opposed to having one foot out the door and second guessing your future is critically important at the best of times, let alone now.

Understanding the ‘numbers’ in the current environment will help keep your energy in check and Maria shares how she protects her energy by,

  1. Avoiding the media and negative news,
  2. Hanging around positive people and
  3. Getting your morning routine right.

Whilst it is not business as usual, the real estate industry is still open for business and there are great opportunities available for those who have an abundance of positive ‘energy’ and are willing to do the work. Decide to be one of them.

We hope you found this week’s topic of value, and as always, if we can help in any way, please reach out.

Stay safe,


PS. There is a humorous point at the 3:54 minute mark you may not want to miss…