May 8, 2021


Statistically speaking, 80% of all sales agents never grow beyond their year 4 to 5 achievements. That is, they plateau and continued and sustainable growth becomes increasingly more difficult. If they are a two sales a month agent at that time, it is most likely, an actual 4 in 5 chance that they will remain at the two sales per month average for the remainder of their careers.

When we reach a plateau in real estate, it is often a reflection of what we want, how badly we want what we want and the price we are prepared to pay to get what we want. Often, many don’t get passed the ‘what do I want’ question and because of it, find themselves procrastinating or paralyzed in making meaningful decisions.

To avoid the plateau and always be in the growth phase, an agent must make meaningful choices in the areas of commitment, consistency and energy. Those lacking commitment are often in a state of flux; one day they are all-in, the next day they want to quit. Consistency is a direct reflection of the ability to apply good daily habits and focusing on completing high value tasks in the first instance. Energy is a reflection of the individuals enthusiasm and more importantly the belief they hold in delayed gratification, that is in playing the long game.

All of our results are a reflection of the choices we make. The choices of the things we commit to doing and not doing. Rarely are those decisions in isolation that impactful. The impact and significance is normally revealed over a protracted period of time. Often, these choices reveal an underlying characteristic which further hinders progress and growth. That characteristic is procrastination. The greatest killer of fruitful real estate careers.

Environment also plays an important and significant role in breaking through the plateau. If your office and work environment is not conducive to growth, then this will impact your chance as well. An agent must take personal responsibility. We are the average of the five people we most socialize with and if you have a desire to grow, you must surround yourself with the right team.

Breaking the plateau could also be an opportunity for changing directions and taking the step into business ownership. Many are finding that taking the leap of faith and taking full control of their business is a sure way of avoiding the plateau point. The renewed sense of purpose, taking back control and increased personal reward is a formula many are now using to create an incredible future.

It’s often the frustration of being stuck, a prolonged plateau state that provides the opportunity for a sliding door moment and a choice we make which ends up shaping our destiny.

About the author:
Manos Findikakis is CEO & co-founder of the Eview Group, Australia’s first multi brand real estate network, ‘helping real estate agents create fun & profitable businesses so that they can live extraordinary lives.’

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Regards, Manos Findikakis, CEO Eview Group