June 23, 2020

On The Couch With M&M – ‘Everything falls into place when you know what you want’

This week Manos and Maria chat about how they have come to understand their own personal reasons for doing what they do – their ‘why’. With a fresh new (financial) year only days away, what better time than now, to grasp opportunity and unlock your deepest desires and motivations.

Join them both, as they offer questions to help decipher your own personal ‘why’ and explain considerations to make when projecting future material and financial goals. Identifying two key factors in contributing to unlocking your true ‘why’, Manos and Maria discuss how the ability to understand your own DNA, together, with personal insight into what makes you happy, will help establish your understanding around goal setting, whilst increasing motivation and business drive.
Watch until the end, as Manos and Maria unveil their GIVEAWAY, and explain just how you can get your hands on their personally developed plan to help you achieve those ‘crazy and wonderful’ personal goals!