June 15, 2020

On The Couch with M&M – ‘No one ever gets to keep 100% of the commission’

Join Manos and Maria as they break down the concept of retaining ‘100% commission’, whilst also discussing their thoughts on the ‘one size fits all’ model, providing their the top three considerations to explore when contemplating a change in business.

Whether you’re apart of a widely known franchise, a network or group of agents, or operational as an independent, Maria explains how money will always be filtered from your incomings and utilised for operational expenses. No matter which business model you adapt, there are always expenses, leaving you with less than 100% commission.

If you are considering a change in structure, or ready to explore an alternative business model, Manos and Maria warn, there’s ‘no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. Be prepared to research, and ask yourself those hard-hitting questions, in order to best align yourself with the business model designed to support you.