December 2, 2018


Today we are joined by Eview Group’s Head of Human Resources & Recruitment, Julie Anderson who shares her tips for setting effective Key Performance Indicators for the administrators and support staff within your business.

In today’s episode, we discuss how you as a business owner can develop and implement clear KPI’s that your admin and support staff can strive toward with confidence – and know from the start what’s required to go above and beyond them. We will also look at where Google Reviews fit into KPI spectrum and how you can use them to your advantage in the recruitment process.

Focusing on how to recognise your staff, we will also provide examples from Eview Group’s end of year gala awards to showcase what constitutes as a ‘good’ award nomination and what awards criteria will highlight stand out performances within your business.

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If you need any support in developing KPIs for your business, please feel free to contact Maria or Julie.

Julie Anderson
03 8781 3888

Maria Findikakis
0417 301 875

1:00 – KPI’s & Continuous Improvement Culture

02:11 – Establishing Criteria for company awards

3:30 – The importance of encouraging colleague nominations

4:45 – Google Reviews for KPI and Recruitment

5:57 – KPI – Leadership

6:48 – KPI – Communication

7:17 – How your staff will achieve their KPI’s

8: 03 – KPI – Presentation

8:20 – Quick Summary

8:51 – Does your staff demonstrate Cultural Alignment?