February 5, 2020 Eview Group

The Eview difference

At Eview, we like to think outside the box. We’ve always been a bit different to your standard real estate brand.

As a result, we have a growing group of real estate agencies forging their own paths, creating their own businesses and enjoying their own success with the support of our unique model.

And one of the questions we’re often asked is what is the Eview difference? Well, let’s walk through exactly how we’re different and how we might be of benefit to you as an agent, and your clients.

Your business

We know what it’s like to want to forge your own path, to step outside the comfort zone and create your own agency that serves your clients in your way.

At Eview we’re here to encourage and support that endeavour. While you build your business under your name, we support you with centralised business tools like accounts management, systems, procedures, and mentoring.

While you go about what you do best – liaising with clients, selling property or building a rent roll – we assist with the back of house, including the technology you need.

Our aim is to give you the support you require to establish your own business, in addition to helping you maintain that all-important work-life balance.

Your brand

When you become part of the Eview Group, you retain your identity. It’s your brand to call your own, under the name of your choosing.

We know real estate has changed, and it’s no longer a brand that clients necessarily seek but a trusted individual. That’s what we’re here to facilitate. You have full control of your branding, marketing, and identity with the backing of the ‘Eview Group Proud Member’ logo.

We also believe when you create your own identity, the likelihood is you have a passion and investment in your business.

Our role is then supporting you, helping you achieve your personal goals as you build your brand.

Our expertise

Behind the scenes, we’ve established three business pillars to best assist our members: support, profitability, and freedom.

We have a team of dedicated support staff handling administration areas like accounts, bookkeeping, reception, and technology, while you focus on the core business of selling or growing a rent roll.

We utilise state-of-the art technology which we draw upon as a group. We’re available to assist with any questions you may have or issues you face, but we’re also here to give you freedom to run your business your way and achieve the career and lifestyle you want.

In doing so, we view our role at head office a little differently. We believe our agents and property managers are our frontline customers, while your frontline customers are sellers and landlords.

With you as our focus, we constantly look at how we can better support you, offer you freedom, and give you the balance you need.

A growing group

Our different approach to real estate is allowing members to build their own business success right across the country.

In the past five years we’ve grown from six supported agencies to more than 45 nationally. All have their own brands, all are focussed on their clients and their individual success, and all enjoy the business support of the established Eview model.

If you’re looking to be part of a real estate network where you have the freedom to build your own brand and concentrate on your clients while enjoying business support, you can talk to us further about the Eview difference on 1300 438 439.