May 18, 2017

The importance of brand identity

Knowing what makes your brand tick is key to your success.

The principles of creating a strong brand identity aren’t complicated, but they are easy to get wrong. Here’s how to create a brand that truly reflects your goals and supports the success of your real estate business.

As clients and customers, we instantly recognise a well-defined brand. Think of businesses that challenged an established market player to change the game: Virgin, Thankyou or even Uber. The people behind these now household names knew they had to make an impression, fast.
As a real estate agent making your mark on a new area, your brand is just as crucial. Here’s why.

Communicating your business values

At Eview we’ve made sure our brand reflects our three core values: support, freedom and profitability. As you take your first steps towards building a successful real estate business, your values should be the guide to your brand.
Take the time to brainstorm what you want to achieve, how you want to operate, and what matters most to you as a business owner. Once you’ve got these elements distilled down a few key words and phrases, you’re ready to start thinking about more concrete factors.

Building recognition and trust

We all know consistent branding and clear messaging are important. After all, these are key factors in communicating what your business is and what it can offer potential clients. But on a more subtle level, professional and authentic branding also builds trust as it becomes familiar to the people living in your area.
By the same token, branding that’s inconsistent or changes too often will only put doubt in peoples minds. That’s why it’s so important to consider each brand element from big picture items like your values down to small details like fonts and colours before you reveal your brand to the market.

Connecting with the right clients

If you’ve taken the time to make sure every aspect of your business reflects your core values, you’ll find potential clients have an instant sense of what it’s like to work with you. In the long run, this means negotiations will be smoother as your business relationships begin with a shared set of expectations and a common understanding of your approach.

Remember: Your brand goes further than your business card

To create a brand identity that truly supports your business, you need to think beyond colours and catchphrases. Business cards and websites are important, but your brand should also be reflected in the way you communicate with clients and colleagues, the way you approach challenges, and the way you reward success.

Here at Eview we believe that if your brand is in sync with your values, everyone you work with will sense that authenticity. That’s why we created the Your Brand, Your Business model, which gives you complete freedom to create your own real estate agency brand identity while also getting the support of a franchise network to grow your business. Get in touch to find out how you can be part of this new real estate movement.