October 26, 2018

The week in review: DON’T GO CHEAP & BLOW THE ‘WOW’ FACTOR!

If you have ever renovated or built a new home you will know that it can quickly become a 'money pit.' You start one aspect of the renovation which leads to another and then to another. Before you know it, you have blown the budget!

And yes, you are correct in thinking that my opening statement is a reflection of the somewhat predicament we were faced (challenged with!) whilst in Greece renovating our holiday home. But challenges often bring valuable lessons – and this was no exception.

Being a holiday home we have been conservative in our budget and mindful to keep within it. Faced with decisions as to where we will get the best 'bang' for our buck, selecting external lighting was not high on our priority list. Which I was soon to find out was in total disagreement with our landscapers and electricians.

To paint the picture; there I was with the tradespeople discussing the back 'porch and staircase floodlight.' We are talking about the back of the house leading out from the kitchen to the back yard. All we wanted was a 'single' flood light to light up the area in the night. Pretty straight forward and in my mind a very economical solution. That is what I was focussed on – keeping within budget.

However, one person's focus is not necessarily another’s. That was the case in this instance. Both the landscaper and the electrician were very vocal in their opinion that the back area was a 'focal' point to the house and it needed the 'wow' factor. We had landscaped a beautiful area and we were going to go 'cheap' on the finish (to save a little bit of money) and blow the 'wow' factor. Now these guys did not go quietly into the night with their opinions. There was the waving of the hands, with very 'Greek' energetic and descriptive language. I'm sure you get the picture.


Sometimes we lose focus on what we are trying to achieve and 'go cheap' in the false belief we will 'save' by spending less. When in actual fact, the very opposite is most likely to occur. That would have been the case in this example. We had spent a large part of the budget on the landscaping and had we not made the small investment on the extra lighting, the finished product would have been spoilt, and we would have lost the 'wow' factor.

So the next time we think about going 'cheap' – whether it be in a pre-list pack, or a direct mail flyer, or a client gift, or a promotional video, or the handwritten card after a phone call, or not investing in professional photography for your personal profile (there is a gentle hint here for those who haven't……!) just think of what 'wow' factor you may be risking.

We put so much effort to get to the finish line and at times we fall just before crossing it. And don't be fooled. It is all the little 1%'rs that make the difference between winning and losing!