January 5, 2019

The Week in Review: SLOW DOWN

It’s uncanny to think it only feels like yesterday that I recall writing my first post, welcoming everyone back and the beginning of a somewhat eventful 2018.

Yet we all know, that every year takes exactly the same time to complete. No more or less time; not faster or slower. The ONLY variable(s) are just the choices we made 'ON HOW' we spent each hour, each day, each week, each month, and each season. And before we know it, we will have completed another full year and the cycle starts again and we will be saying the same thing about 2019. Where did that year go!

So let’s all make a commitment to slow the New Year down. Slow it right down; or at the very least, the perception of slowing it down. Let’s make every moment in 2019 count. Let’s all make a conscious effort to fill each day to the brim; pack it with everything we possibly can. From time out to ourselves, to the special moments with our families. I’m not suggesting we go at a pace that feels like we a running 100 miles an hour, but rather to be able to reflect at the end of each day, and say it was a ‘rewarding’ day. One that you can reflect on and say I ‘smashed it’ in whatever meaning you place on ‘smashing it.’

Of course, it goes without saying that work and our everyday commitments will take a large portion of our time & sometimes we will feel overwhelmed with everything on our plate. But let’s acknowledge that everything revolves around our ‘choices’ & our attitude towards those unexpected things that happen to us, and that we have the final say of how they will affect us. The good and the not so good. Let there be a lesson in every moment, event, circumstance and focus on possibilities as opposed to the improbable or falling for the often used explanation that things simply 'aren't fair' and that 'nothing seems to go our way' and stomping our feet!

Which brings me to the lessons that 2018 gave me. There were many of them. Actually, an overwhelming amount of them. I could seriously write a book on them! But I’ll stick to a traditional ‘Top 5’ for now. With each, some I did follow through on, others I didn’t. Some were just a ‘gentle’ reminder of what is important, and what isn’t, what worked what didn't and what still needs working on. They represent a small summation of a challenging year, but at the same time, a very grateful & fun filled year.



Each completed year is a great year. No further comment.



Success is the ability to create small wins everyday from following positive daily habits & routines. From how we start the day and how we finish it. The time we dedicate to keeping/getting healthy and our choice management in every area of our life. (I lost my way in this area over the last 12 months & my primary focus for 2019 is to get back on track).


DON'T GET CAUGHT SWIMMING NAKED. (to get the full meaning of this expression, read my post next week).

Change is inevitable. Expect the unexpected & have a back up financial plan. Something I have advised, spoken about and lived by for almost all my adult life, and this year was a clear demonstration of what an invaluable lesson it is.



The doers of the world are just that, doers! 2018 was a classic example of people achieving extraordinary results because of the work they put in. They were not infected by the ‘excusitis’ disease. They simply walked their talk – & quite often in silence. I predict the year ahead will have two types of people, the ‘walkers’ and then there will be the ‘talkers.’ (Another term for ‘talkers’ is ‘wankers.’ -sorry, had to put that in. Must be my ‘zero’ tolerance level of these types of people). You're either a doer (walker), or you're a wanker (talker). Walker or Wanker – you get to choose:)



We can all sit there and point the finger (but always remember when you do that, there are three fingers pointing back at you!) & blame others for our situations/position but we all know, in every area of our lives, we have to be self accountable. As Gary V so eloquently says, ‘no one ever let’s me down; I am responsible for everything and therefore accountable to myself'. It’s an unbelievable attitude to have; and by no way am I saying I have mastered it. But self accountability is a huge advantage and self trait to aspire to.

So I hope my 5 lessons from 2018 have inspired you to reflect on your past year. Celebrate your wins in the first instance, and evaluate the go wrongs. Take responsibility for them and take action on those you want to get better at. All in all; be grateful for achieving another milestone, another New Year to celebrate and welcome. Please don't be one of those that are happy that the year is at an end; be grateful for all the lessons, all the ups and downs, even the very personal losses. Because even those represent moments of love and joy we will absolutely miss, but will always remember.

Let's all welcome 2019 and make those new years resolutions we will promise to keep and make happen in the year ahead and beyond.

Let's all plan to make 2019 the year that changes everything!