September 7, 2018


According to the Google dictionary, the definition of the word luck is “to prosper or succeed especially through chance and good fortune.” Recently, I have been provided the opportunity to ponder the thought on numerous occasions.

First up, I don’t believe anything happens by chance. When an occurrence is deemed lucky or unlucky, it’s in fact usually the result of a sequence of events that occurred before the moment. Some things in our control, others not. Take being born as an example. Statistically, it’s a one in 4 trillion chance of being born human and to the parents who brought you into the world. Staggering odds, but hey, here we are and how lucky we all are that our mums and dads weren’t too ‘tired’ on ‘our’ particular night. Billions if not trillions, haven’t been so lucky as us – so that alone should make us feel pretty special!

But let’s talk about something a bit more tangible and relevant to our everyday.

At the beginning of the week a family friend made a passing comment about how ‘lucky’ we and others have been in business. It was not said in envy or to offend or that they felt unlucky themselves. It was simply a passing comment – an observation by them to give reason to others successes. The reference was made that a lot of it comes from pure ‘luck.’

So the comment and statement got me thinking about our business journey. Have we really had any good luck along the way? It wasn’t something (I thought) I could easily answer, however I re-traced our journey to see what & when were the pivotal and ‘lucky’ moments that made an impact.

As I gave thought to the ‘lucky’ breaks, I quickly realised that for every ‘lucky’ break there were an overwhelming amount of ‘unlucky’ breaks along the way. In fact, the things that went wrong, or at least not the way we intended or hoped for, outweighed the ‘lucky’ breaks on a guesstimate of at least 100 to one if not more. There were more unlucky breaks than lucky breaks! Or at least, that’s how I perceived them.

Digging deeper, the ‘lucky’ or ‘unlucky’ breaks were directly controlled and determined by ourselves. The breaks, ‘lucky’ or ‘unlucky’ were simply the result of the timing of our decisions and the action or inaction of our decisions. We could easily trace back and uncover with sound logic the relevance of the ‘luck’ in each situation.

Take for example our revolutionary idea of our multi-brand network. It wasn’t simply a ‘lucky’ thought that popped into our head. It was a series of events and circumstances that led us to the thought. The idea, was in fact, a solution to a very real challenge of our front line agents and a growing network.

Following on from this, the ‘luck’ story was again brought up with some of the team members. How is it, that some of the team have dropped 1000 pieces of the ‘What’s my property worth?’ flyers and not received a call meanwhile others drop 20 and get one straight off? Certainly sounds like some of us are ‘luckier’ than others in this instance. Why does there seem such a disparity between one person’s results and another?s? Especially coming from me, which I truly believe that ‘numbers never lie’ and that they help us ‘predict the future.’ When it comes to prospecting, everything is predictable.

The theory of being ‘lucky’ just so happened to be discussed (how coincidental or lucky was that?) on a podcast I often listen to, by Tom Bilyeu host of the video show ‘Impact Theory.’ In this podcast, ‘luck’ was described by using catching a bus as a metaphor as the lucky break. The bus route was the road we all take to reach our goals. It is a predetermined route; just like prospecting in real estate or success in anything. We all know what we need to do to achieve the results.

He went on to explain that the only thing we don’t know along this route is where the bus stops are. i.e. where do we get on the bus and get our ‘lucky’ break. The answer lies in the ‘how to’ and the ‘how to’ is the bus route. You see, being ‘lucky’ is a 100% predictable event. We can all take out a bus timetable; if we simply know the route, we don’t need to know where the bus stops are. If we follow the route for long enough, the bus stop will appear.

But there was just one last thing to this metaphor which made it even more relevant. Sometimes the bus will stop right next to us, but we won’t be able to get on because we haven’t bought the ticket to board it. The ‘ticket’ is when being prepared and opportunity meet – it’s being able to ‘see’ the lucky break. And that was the magic in the metaphor.

Luck is everywhere, and appears everyday. The bus route is predetermined. Your lucky ‘ticket’ is waiting for you to purchase it. You just have to start ‘seeing & feeling’ the luck around you.

Buy your ticket and board the ‘lucky’ bus!