July 24, 2018


This week I made a conscious effort to monitor my energy levels and those around me; inside the office, outside the office, phone conversations, face to face meetings.

As one would expect, it’s been a very interesting exercise, and one I highly recommend everyone does – (Just try it for a day! As one not so famous person suggested many years ago; and if you don’t know what I’m referring to, please read my book The 60 Second Entrepreneur!)

So what did I discover? No surprise, energy is seriously EVERYTHING! It is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.

You see, everything, whether it be positive or negative revolves around the energy, (or lack of) you give it. It may sound like the glaringly obvious, that is, smile at someone and they are more likely to smile back. Enter the room with positive energy and you are more likely to influence the people in the room positively – i.e. you have ‘presence.’ The same goes when you are faced with the everyday challenges we face in our business and how you currently see the market. Let me explain.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been presented with a number of scenarios/situations, on a professional and personal level, that I was trying to help find a win-win outcome. A solution that everyone could walk away feeling energised with the possible solution. I noted when I approached the challenge full of energy and coming from an angle of where is the ‘opportunity’ (i.e. positive energy), a solution was not only found and acceptable to all, it was a fantastic outcome.

This happens in real estate everyday. We match buyers to sellers, tenants to landlords, colleagues with colleagues and it is inevitable that differing opinions and expectations will arise. Approach the challenging situations with ABSOLUTE positive energy – actually FEEL it, and you will have an unbelievable success rate in resolving and finding the win win.

When it comes to the current state of our market (with volumes of sales in some parts 50% down on last year) how is YOUR energy around it? Try this. Ask anyone that is service related to our industry, i.e. your photographers, board company, conveyancers, even competitors etc. “how are you finding it” and you will certainly get a very mixed response, most of which is like ‘the end of the world as we know it’ conversations!

So when you start hearing these doom & gloom conversations, start thinking, what an OPPORTUNITY! You see, when the energy is ‘down,’ it is so much easier to stand out. Simply have MORE positive & optimistic energy than anyone else – and you will attract positive outcomes. It’s an invisible law of nature.

When you are with your team members, switch on the energy level to overload – & watch MAGIC happen! It’s a slower market, so what? It just means you have to get a bigger share of a smaller market to maintain or exceed your personal targets. It means extra focus on the ‘high impact’ activities, it may mean extra work hours, it may mean reviewing all your expenses (business & personal) but MOST of all, it means AMPLIFYING your energy.

The energy you bring to the table will always determine the level of opportunity and success you will create. The very essence of our being, the fabric that holds us together, is simply energy. And the very best news is you have 100% control over it – so use it!

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