We are the Authors of our own Lives

This week is special.

It marks the 13th anniversary of the signing of the lease on our premises at our Frankston office.

An investment that has returned favourable dividends. Not just for ourselves, but hundreds of individuals who have benefited from our model.

We’ve still got a long way to go, but we are well on our way!

It’s also a special year as our football team Richmond took home the AFL premiership, the second in three years!

Those of us lucky enough to be at our 2014 ‘Kickstart’ conference at Moonah Links would recall Damien Hardwick’s presentation and how he revealed the ‘goal’ & ‘plan’ to win the flag within the next 5 years.

Fast forward to today, what a memorable presentation it was and one that became a reality. Damien and his team made it come true.

Both these events are great examples showing that we all have the opportunity to write our own story.

We all can be the authors of our own lives. We can plan it and write it into existence.

But here’s the thing – a very big thing.

If you were to author the biography of your own life, would it be worth reading?

I think the statement really needs repeating, as it is profound. ‘If you were to author the biography of your own life, would it be worth reading?’

Would it be filled with chapters of amazing stories, unbelievable adventures & unbreakable friendships? A table of contents outlining the pathways to success and living an inspiring life?

Would your acknowledgement page include names of your mentors; people who helped you on your journey?

Would it have sliding door moments that profoundly shaped and influenced the direction of your life?

Or would it be a story of ‘hard luck’ and ‘struggle?’ A life that ‘conspired against you’ – one that didn’t give you any ‘lucky’ breaks & that life just ‘didn’t play fair’ for you?

Would it be a book that you would be proud to have your kids read?

It’s an interesting thought. The idea that your life, YES YOURS, could be written on the pages of a book for the world and generations to come to read and be WORTH reading.

What would make the book a ‘compelling read.’ A ‘best-selling’ publication? What would the individual chapters contain?

Let’s pretend you are actually going to do the exercise. Actually, put some thought to what could be included in YOUR autobiography. AND just pretend; this is a life task EVERYONE is compelled to do as a must. A must to at least ‘list & title’ a few chapters’ if not for the world, but as a publication just for YOUR future generations – grandkids, great-grandkids and so on.

What chapters would & which ones wouldn’t make the cut?

Anything to do with playing average wouldn’t cut it. The world is full of ‘average’ – there is no uniqueness in average.

Winning the lotto wouldn’t cut it either. There is no hard work or lessons in winning the lottery. What could the reader gain from that?

Being the most knowledgeable & educated in a particular field wouldn’t make for interesting reading either. The world is full of academics – people who talk the talk but don’t walk their talk. Being a ‘know it all’ doesn’t help anyone unless that knowledge is applied.

Cutting to the chase, what would make for compelling reading?

Beating adversity? You bet. People are inspired by those who beat the odds.

Having a positive impact on others, being a contributor? High on the list. People love people who help others.

Owning up to mistakes, the go wrongs, the acceptance of responsibility and doing everything to make things right? Very high on the list. People resonate with those that show vulnerability and their humanity – not being perfect is what makes us human & relatable.

Achievement of a worthwhile goal? Yep, definitely would make the chapter list. Everyone loves a good news story about how people achieve their dreams.

Pain & heartache? Yes, there would be a few chapters on this. There are many things out of our control which happen and are difficult to deal with. Sharing these can only help others faced with similar adversity.

What else?

Well, that’s for you to work out.

My intention for this week’s post is to stimulate thought. How we live our lives today may not make the chapter of an autobiography.

But imagine if it did.