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What Did You Expect?

For some, this topic may come as a bit of a reality check.

In a ‘deep and meaningful’ conversation about personal performance, I asked a real estate gym coaching student a very simple question; ‘what did you expect?’

It was a straight to the point question, which I initially thought easy to answer, but quickly found the agent fumbling to provide a logical and informed response.

Even though the coaching session was over the phone, I could instinctively sense that it made the agent very uncomfortable. 

It quickly dawned on me that the question hit a nerve. We were referencing past activity & correlating it with present results. Which in this instance, were not at the level the agent wished them to be, for this time of year. By asking ‘what did you expect?’ it brought to light an uncomfortable truth. One cannot expect to achieve their goals without putting in the work.

No work, ‘surprise,’ no results!

When responding to the question, the agent began ‘justifying’ their poor results and tried finding a reason, an event that they had no control over, to explain the lack of performance. In essence, they were not taking responsibility, instead were assigning blame.

Now, this isn’t the first blog I have written about ‘responsibility’ or taking ownership of all our actions and INACTIONS! It’s definitely one of many. As ‘unfair’ it may seem at times, everything is our responsibility.

‘Assigning blame’ and ‘giving reasons’ may initially seem a way to protect our personal position; but in this instance, the agent was using it as a ‘cop-out’ to hide their failure to actually do anything that would help them reach their goals.

But there is a bit more to the story…

 Some may have heard the term, ‘willful blindness.’

 It’s a term that originated in the 19th century’s legal fraternity and refers to individuals deliberately avoiding knowledge of the truth, and therefore guilt, in possible corrupt situations which they could be connected to, had they sought out the information. 

In everyday life, ‘willful blindness’ is the behaviour which leads us to believe that even though we know ‘what to expect’ we still fail to take action in the false belief that everything will still work out.

 As an example, in this particular agent’s story, they somehow believed or assumed that the phone was going to ring inbound, & by some miraculous way, sellers were going to seek them out and list their property with them.


 Now here comes the reality check.

We all know what to do.

We all know that to achieve anything worthwhile, it takes discipline.

We all know that those that achieve their goals, didn’t get ‘lucky’ – they simply worked really hard and stuck at it.

Or let’s put it more bluntly.

We all know that if we don’t ‘speak’ to people who own a property to sell or lease or could possibly want our services now or in the near future; we might as well stay at home – or maybe look at making a career change!

 We can ‘trick’ ourselves to believe anything we want.

We can hide the truth from ourselves, family, friends & colleagues.

Believe our own excuses.

We can even become ‘legends in our own minds.’


we can actually do the work & find our own truth. 

Denying the truth doesn’t change the facts” – Anonymous