Why Should People Do Business With You?

Welcome to another edition of ‘On the Couch with M&M.’

Creating a ‘unique selling proposition’ also known as a ‘USP’ is one of the more difficult challenges that many real estate agents face.

Clients often refer to real estate agents as being ‘all the same.’ We dress and look the same, except for those who do not wear socks 😊! We speak the same, have pretty much all the same marketing ideas and techniques and looking on the surface, the general public has little to compare to help differentiate who is the best agent to select in their marketplace. 

We know that all agents have access to the same ingredients. We all list properties on the major portals, we all have ‘off market’ strategies, we use professional photography and video, floorplans, brochures and promote private, auction and sale by tender selling methods. Plus, a whole bunch of other tools and selling techniques. 

Therefore, what can separate one agent from the other, besides significant experience and significant market share? 

It will be the way they carry themselves in the marketplace; that is their authenticity.  Their ‘voice’ & ‘authenticity’ is what will separate them from their competitors. What people are saying about them when they are not present, their marketing messages and all ‘their’ unique ingredients put together will paint a picture of them. That broadcasted message will in turn attract ‘their tribe’ of clients. As we all know, not every vendor will relate to every agent and their message. That is why there are so many different personality types in real estate. Let’s be truthful, we have all met agents (with the greatest of respect) that we have said ‘who on earth would list with them?’ and yet we do find, some sellers do – we even lose listings to them! Not all sellers are attracted to every agent. 

One of the biggest mistakes an agent can make is to try to mimic or be like someone else; to match a competitor’s ‘voice’ instead of crafting their own.  That is a recipe for disaster as you will lose the opportunity to highlight your strengths and whilst we all need to learn to ‘dance’ and be a chameleon in the lounge rooms, we must be authentic to our ‘voice’ and our unique style. We just need to be ourselves and we will connect with those sellers that want to do business for the way we are.  

This further highlights the importance of showcasing your brand in your market and having a strong and robust digital footprint. According to a Core Logic survey of past sellers, 58% of them stated that they were influenced to choose an agent based on their performance and presence in the marketplace, before they had even met them. Agents need to amplify their USP through consistent marketing which in turn will build trust in their personal brand, whilst their market knowledge and results will build them as an authority in their marketplace. By doing so, they will become an attraction agent to the right tribe of sellers. 

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