December 9, 2018



Today we are joined by Mark Bennett from JoLuca design who shares how a joint business venture with Eview Group – Casey Estate Agents has enabled them to provide additional value to their clients in their marketplace.

In today’s episode, Mark shares the process of designing a development or owner-occupancy project with JoLuca Design, focusing on how a real estate agency and home designer work together to enhance the clients’ experience.

With the “one-stop-shop” concept in mind, we also explore the future of real estate and how offering clients additional in-house services related to your industry, not only provide your business with a point of difference in the marketplace but also benefit your clients.

Watch today’s episode to find out why you should consider expanding the services you offer clients.

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Thank you, M&M

3:26 – Working in conjunction can provide the vendor with the potential to sell at a higher price in 6-12 months time.

4:00 – figures vs design – working together to find out what is most beneficial to the seller

4:42 – Offering additional and surrounding services in-house provides your real estate business with a Point of Difference

5:05 – The Speed of service will impact your clients overall experience with your business.

5:51 – Step one: come to an agreement on fee

6:33 – Joluca Design offers a One time fee, no hidden extras.

7:49: Step 2: surveyors visit the site to do the site survey

8:03 – Step 3: complete a rough sketch and estimate budget

8:15 – Step 4: present project to the client and make modifications if desired by the client

8:38 – the benefit of working in conjunction: ensuring the end project meet the market value

11:11 – Step 5: lodging the plans to the council

12:52 – Step 6: Complete working drawings to be used for the construction of the property

14:40 – Step 7: Start working on site

15:21 – Real Estate has become more than just listing, selling & leasing

15:35 – If your business offers additional in house services, you can provide more value to your clients.

15:55 – Working in conjunction benefits both businesses as one business can refer clients to the other and vice versa.