How to emotionally prepare yourself when selling your home.

Selling your home can be an emotional ride, for even the toughest of hearts. And no matter the circumstances or situation, it’s hard not to consider the process as a ‘final chapter’ in your own autobiography, regardless of the exciting prospect waiting for you.

For many people, their home is considered the sanctuary away from the outside world. Their escape into a space that whole-heartedly resembles them, filled with memories that instantly transport them back to that exact moment. Whether it’s a first family Christmas, the arrival of a new baby, celebrations of milestone birthdays, or just long and fun summer days spent in the yard; a plethora of heart-warming stories often flood a home.

Contemplating the decision to move on and sell up, regardless of the opportunity awaiting, can certainly stir up a whole range of emotions. And whilst most emotions, when positively directed, can increase productivity, drastically improve excitement, and enhance motivation, others can hinder the perfect sale.

So, before you take the plunge and travel the path, let’s consider how to emotionally detach from your home prior to selling.

Work to your own plan

No matter the story, working to a self-determined, methodical timeline can help initiate an emotional detachment from the property. Critical thinking is a great way to establish a less emotionally-charged perspective, helping to decipher the exact desires and requirements instilled within a home.

A list is a great place to start, establishing a reasoning to either move or stay. If the move is decided upon, introduce a timeline to help establish a goal for transition. Then work backwards, allowing plenty of time to comfortably clean out items you don’t wish to move, pack, and establish where your transition will lead to. Working to the pace you set, will help successfully deal with the inevitable emotion than comes with each step.

If an external influence becomes pushy, providing additional stress, just remember that is their agenda, not yours. Remind yourself of your initial timeline and action plan and find confidence and assurance in sticking to your strategy.

And remember, once the commitment to selling has been made, your home transforms into a property ready to be wrapped – a perspective that will help highlight how to best sell it, whilst not compromising the necessary changes required, to maximise the price.

Realign perspectives

Having taken the first steps to emotionally detach, continue the momentum, initiating thoughts of a new transition. Seeking out your next chapter is full of limitless possibilities, often drenched in excitement and hidden under enthusiasm. A great way to continue the emotional disconnection with your home is by transferring the emotional connection, to your new home.

Allow yourself to daydream, amid possibilities and seeking boundless opportunities to start fresh, exploring new colour palettes, new ways of life, new communities, new friends.

A new chapter doesn’t always have mean forgetting the past, in fact, many people take comfort in creating a folder, a book, or even a box which they fill with photographs and stories from the previous home. A place to retreat and treasure days gone by.

Once a new home has been secured, hold onto the positive emotions and excitement surrounding your new home. Consider the new memories ready to be made, and the copious amounts of fun and happiness that will come with them – hold onto these positive feelings and remind yourself of these when needed.

How we can help

There are numerous principles to preparing a home for sale. And regardless if you follow all or none, identifying the emotional connection and learning how to let go, is the first.

Whether you choose to hire a staging specialist, or the advice of friends and family, there’s nothing more important when selling, than disconnecting yourself from the home, and viewing the property like a product, enabling you to successfully transition to your next chapter.

The agents within the Eview Group network understand the perplexity and emotionally fragile situations, that come with selling a home. Our team of established agents spans nationally, and are ready to engage with you, if you feel your ready for the next transition.

Connect with your local Eview Group Proud Member network or agent, to discuss how they can help navigate you through your next property move.