How to make sure your rental application always works

As COVID-19 sweeps across our country, we’ve experienced such uncertainty and disruption across many aspects of what we knew as ‘normal’.  When we analyse the rental marketplace, we note a huge transition period, as people move out, others move in; many scrambling to find secure accommodation in a world of such uncertainty.

With an increase of rental activity, and heightened competition for the more sought-after properties, how do you make sure your rental application stands out from the crowd?

We quizzed our rental department to find out exactly how you can keep your rental application on top of the pile.

1: Complete the application in its entirety  

It may seem ridiculous to think, however completing a rental application in full is not always a given. Rental applications provide the property manager and landlord with a complete picture of who you are, on paper. It’s the ‘go to’ document property managers use, when it comes to promoting you to the landlord, enabling you to secure the property; so providing as much information as possible will ultimately work in your favour.

If a property manager cannot justify you to the landlord because there is information missing that would otherwise help them ‘back’ their claim that you are a worthy tenant, then it’s really difficult to prove you are the ‘right’ tenant for their investment.

2: Put your best foot forward

If you consider a property inspection as if it were a job interview, you’ll start your rental submission process off on the right foot, even before you begin filling out your application. During an inspection, it’s the property manager’s role to assess applicants behaviour and manner. Being courteous and polite, rather than pushy and overbearing, is only going to be looked upon positively.

When preparing to visit an inspection, make sure you also dress accordingly. Maintaining your appearance, only bolsters your application, often translating that you care about your belongings and yourself.

3: Prove your history

As with anything, providing evidence to back your claims often goes much further, than your word. If you make note in your application that you’ve had previous rental experience, go a step further and provide evidence that you managed to pay rent in a timely fashion. The ability to showcase your efficiency and regularity when it comes to managing your monthly rental payments goes a long way to help substantiate your claims.

If you are a first-time tenant, and have no previous history to provide, offering a guarantor can also work in your favour. Providing reassurance to the owner that you have the ability to pay the rent, will see your application remain relevant. At the end of the day, however, it’s the landlord who makes the final decision, all you can do is provide answers to all avenues, right from the beginning.

Offering this type of information from the beginning, reduces the need for the property manager to ‘go hunting’ and can help your application remain on top.

4:  Make sure you have regular income

Proving you can afford the rental expense each month by providing recent and relevant payslips is a huge bonus. Most property managers can do the calculations off your payslip to determine your lifestyle and financial security when it comes to keeping up with the applicable property’s individual expenses.

These days, it’s not difficult for property managers to search on social platforms and right across the digital realm, to uncover a false claim, so make sure your truthful when providing this information.

Some property managers have been known to request resumes to confirm recent and previous employers, so if you’ve got an up-to-date resume, it won’t go against you to provide it from the beginning.

How we can help

Our network of experienced and friendly Eview Group property managers treat every property like it was their own. They work tirelessly to determine the perfect tenant for each individual property and take pride in their extensive research of each application, truly believing everybody desires to live in their desired environment.

If you require assistance when applying for a residential lease, or you have questions surrounding an existing application, our Eview Group property mangers are here to help you, just reach out!