What Not To Do When Selling Your Home

There’s a wealth of advice available on what to do when selling your home, with topics ranging from staging advice to presentation and renovations.

But when it comes to selling your biggest asset there are also a host of common mistakes many people make. In an effort to avoid them, here’s a quick list of what not to do when selling your home.

Engaging An Agent too Late

A real estate agent should be your trusted ally throughout the selling process and they can offer valuable insight far in advance of a sale. This includes tips on achieving the best price, and marketing strategies, so don’t leave it until the last minute to bring this vital team member on board.

Going With The Cheapest Option

When it comes to finding the right agent, the emphasis should be on the value they bring to the sale rather than just the price. A great agent will bring experience, insight and energy to the sale of your home, and that may not come with the cheapest price tag.

Focusing On The Wrong Type Of Renovations

It can be tempting to imagine you can pull off your own personal “Block” style renovations, transforming your property prior to sale, but be wary about where you focus. Ask yourself whether the renovation will really offer a return and if you are going to go ahead, don’t overcapitalise.

Meanwhile, shoddy DIY workmanship can actually devalue a property, so only take on the types of tasks that you can handle and call in the pro’s for the rest.

Neglecting The Little Things

Selling a home takes preparation to ensure your property is presented in the best light. Don’t overlook the little things like a good tidy inside and out, a de-clutter, and a little styling with flowers or plants to make it feel homely.

While you’re at it, ensure all repair and maintenance jobs are completed and cast a critical eye over the property for small things that add up like tired paint, an unkempt garden, or loose flooring and missing fence palings.  

Forgetting That First Impressions last

Street appeal is a major component of the selling process, so take a good look at your property and critically assess how it looks when you first see it from the exterior. Is it neat, tidy, warm, and welcoming? Or is it looking tired and lifeless?

Often creating street appeal involves just a few little tasks like trimming back some trees, cleaning the exterior and gutter fascia, mowing the lawns, and perhaps putting some fresh mulch on the garden.  

Setting The Price Too High

Your real estate agent will suggest a selling price for your property based on their market knowledge and experience, and it’s important you listen to their feedback. Setting the price too high on a property can see it languish on the market and harm your prospects of a sale.

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