How to personalise your rental property (without blowing your bond)

As they say, your home is your sanctuary, so it’s only natural you might want to inject a little personality into a property that you rent.

But how can you do that without altering or damaging the property, and potentially impacting the full return of your bond?

Well over the years our property managers have seen some hugely effective ways of transforming a rental property into a truly beautiful home, so here are the top tips on how to personalise your rental property (without blowing your bond).

A quick word to the wise

When it comes to renting a property, the general rule of thumb is that a tenant should leave a property in the same condition as they found it.

That means you can’t make major alterations, and you may need to apply for permission from the landlord to do specific things.

In many states this even extends to alterations like adding picture hooks to walls, so the bottom line is this… if in doubt ask your property manager.

Meanwhile, one of the best tools you have at your disposal as a tenant is the entry condition report that you sign upon entering into a lease.

This document gives detailed information about the condition of the property when you entered it, and acts as a guide at the end of the lease when it comes to returning that property to its original condition.

All that being said, there are some creative and innovative ways to personalise a property, without affecting its condition.

Go the soft furnishings

Most properties have a colour scheme of some sort, and one of the best ways to enhance or embrace it is through the use of soft furnishings.

Soft furnishings range from rugs, cushions, and throws, to perhaps even curtains that fit existing curtain rails (just remember to keep the original curtains aside and put them back up as you found them when it comes time to leave).

Some of the most gorgeous rental properties our property managers have seen involve tenants using soft furnishings to great effect.

When employed well, they can really tie a tenant’s furniture and items into the look and feel of a rental property, while injecting a pop of colour or style that allows their personality to shine through.

Embrace art

Although you might need permission to add any additional picture hooks, you can use existing picture hooks well by sourcing art that works in that position, or alternatively go portable.

What do we mean by portable? Well you can adorn sideboards and buffets with artwork, embrace standalone pieces or alternatively use nifty tools like minimalist standalone shelves and ladder shelving to create an artistic focal point where you can display additional art.

And remember, find the right piece of art such as a mirror and you can lean it, rather than affix it to a wall above a sideboard.

Get creative with storage

On the subject of portable, there are also some great ways to get creative with portable storage and this can really liven up a rental space as well as providing you with additional space to stash things.

Think coloured boxes on bookshelves, chests that double as coffee tables, storage chests that act as indoor or outdoor seating, and more.

The little things

Ultimately, it’s the little things that really make a house a home, which is where final touches like indoor plants, tablecloths, brightly laden fruit bowls, and even outdoor umbrellas come into their own.

All these items can easily be added to a property, and taken away quickly when it’s time to leave. But in the interim, they can tie an interior design together and inject your rental property with a real sense of warmth.

Prevent damage

Finally, it’s always a good idea to protect a property from damage even as you prepare to settle in. So, for example, if your rental has wooden floors you might want to consider soft pads for the base of your table legs and chairs.

This prevents scratching as you shift furniture or go about living day-to-day.

At Eview Group our experienced property managers pride themselves on establishing great relationships with both tenants and landlords. We appreciate as a renter, the property you reside in is the place you call home.

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