The paperwork renters should keep

Your application has been approved, the rental agreement is signed and you’re all set to move into your new rental home. Congratulations, that’s a milestone worth celebrating.

But with the commencement of your rental agreement there’s a bit of paperwork involved, which begs the question what paperwork exactly should you keep for future reference?

Here are our suggestions for the paperwork that renters should safely file away and have on hand for the duration of their time at the property.

Rental agreement

The rental agreement is the legal document which outlines all the conditions that need to be met while you reside at that property.

It includes things like the rent price, when it is to be paid, the length of the agreement, whether or not pets are permitted, who is allowed to reside full-time at the property, and more.

This is definitely a document to have on hand as it contains key dates, and offers an insight into both your responsibilities and those of the property manager and rental owner.  

Information about keys

In addition to the rental agreement, your property manager might also provide you with a separate document that has an image and/or list of all the keys you have been provided for the property.

This too is worth keeping so you can crosscheck that you have all the necessary keys when it comes time to leave the property at the end of your rental period.

Contact numbers

Your property manager might also provide you with a list of contact numbers that are either contained within the rental agreement or as part of the packet of information they give when you move into the property.

This will include the contact number and email of the property management department, and perhaps even outside of hours emergency contacts.

It’s a great idea to have these on hand and even enter them into your phone just in case you need to file a repair or maintenance request.

It’s also worth remembering, sometimes emergencies happen outside of hours, so note the out of hours contact as well.

Entry condition report

This one is a big one…at the commencement of your agreement you will be provided with an Entry Condition Report that notes the condition of every area of the property, including whether an item is working, damaged, or has wear and tear.

Not only should you go through this document and crosscheck it when you move in, you should then sign it within the required period, and keep it for the duration of your time at the property.

This document becomes important when you go to leave, allowing you to assess the property’s condition against the original entry report and ensure everything is where it should be and remains in good condition.

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