What to consider when inspecting a rental

What to consider when inspecting a rental

It’s funny to think you may only spend 10-15 minutes inspecting the place you will call home for the next six to 12 months or even longer.

But that’s the reality with rental inspections. Often attended along with other interested parties, these short open homes are the chance for you to view the property in person and ascertain whether it might suit your rental needs.

With such a short window of inspection, it can be easy to overlook some important information, so with that in mind here are 11 important things to look out for or ask about when inspecting a rental.

How does the neighbourhood feel?

The property might be your primary interest, but don’t overlook the neighbourhood around it.

As you attend the rental inspection, take a good hard look at the surrounding neighbourhood to ensure it feels safe, and has the amenities you’ll require.

Does the property have gas, electricity, solar?

We all know the cost of living is on the rise, but what utilities exactly will you be paying for?

When inspecting, either ask or ascertain whether the home has gas in addition to electricity and whether it has solar panels.

Is there an existing internet connection?

In a connected world, it can be easy to assume a property has existing internet. But that’s not always the case.

Double check whether there’s an existing internet connection, and while you’re at the property, check your mobile to ensure the area has sufficient mobile coverage.

Are white goods included?

Not all properties come with white goods included, but some do.

It’s worth looking to see whether there are existing white goods at the property and if so, you might want to check with the property manager to see if they are included in the agreement.

Are there enough power points?

In a world of appliances, gadgets and devices, you can never have too many powerpoints, but you can definitely have too few.

As you inspect the property, do a quick audit to see whether it’s likely to have enough power points to suit your needs.

Is there sufficient storage?

‘There’s too much storage in this property’ said no-one ever! Be sure to check for sufficient storage in the rental property, including cupboards in the bedrooms.

What’s the parking situation?

If you have a vehicle, or more than one, chances are you’ll need to consider parking. 

This might take the form of designated parking, off-street parking, a carport, or secure garage, but be sure to check the parking situation, including any time limits or restrictions on the street where the property is located.

What’s the security like?

A number of states have brought in new laws and guidelines when it comes to ensuring a rental property can be locked up and secured.

That said, it’s still worth a check to ensure the property has enough security to allow you to feel safe in your home.

Are any visible repairs required?

Ideally, the property you inspect should be well-maintained with everything in working order. 

Depending on your budget, that may not mean it’s perfect or new, but should at least be tidy, liveable, safe and with no obvious repairs required.

This includes the property being mould-free.

What is the length of the rental agreement?

Rental agreements are generally available for six or 12 months, so ask the agent which is preferred.

At this stage you can also gauge whether the property is likely to be a long-term rental where you could potentially renew the lease in the future.

Are there any special rental agreement conditions?

And finally, some rental properties have special conditions attached to them. For example, there might be a locked area that’s off limits to the renter, or maybe pets aren’t allowed inside.

Do ask the agent about any special conditions that might form part of the rental agreement, as it pays to know what’s expected of all parties in advance.

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