Five questions to ask your sales agent

There’s no one-size fits all approach when it comes to selling real estate, which is why it’s important you and your sales agent are on the same page from the outset.

Clear expectations and clear communication from the get-go ensure both you and your agent have a solid strategy for the marketing, inspection and sale of your property, while also allowing the process to be more relaxed.

So, with that in mind, here are five questions to ask your sales agent.

How much will it cost to sell my property?

Before embarking on the property sales process, it’s critical you are crystal clear on the costs involved. Different agents have different fee and sales commission structures, while marketing can also be an additional cost.

Depending on the property’s condition or the market you’re seeking to attract, there might also be extra costs you need to factor into your budget such as minor property improvements, styling, or modifications for compliance, such as upgraded pool fencing.

Your agent should be willing and able to walk you through these costs, providing a clear understanding of what costs will be incurred, when.

Which method of sale is best?

There are multiple ways to sell a property, and the recent lockdown conditions of Covid have added to the range.

Traditional options include:

  • Private treaty sale
  •  In-person auction
  •  Expressions of interest (or tender)

Of course there are also now additional options, including live auction over the internet, or online auctions.

But the bottom line is, some options suit some properties better than others, so it pays to discuss that clearly with your sales agent to understand why they may be suggesting one method over another.

How will you market the property?

Just as there are multiple ways to sell a property, there are different strategies for marketing one. There’s online, there’s print advertising, there are digital printed brochures and flyers, and more.

Asking this question helps understand where your property will be seen, and by whom.

Is there anything I should do to the property?

Most properties will need a good clean, spruce up and de-clutter prior to going to sale, but some might require more extensive repairs or maintenance, particularly when it comes to issues around compliance, such as pool fencing.

Meanwhile, a property might also benefit from styling in order to appeal to the right intended market.

A good agent will walk you through the things they believe need to be done to your home in order for it to attract maximum interest (and price).

What sort of communication will I receive?

This question sets the expectations of how you and your agent will communicate during the sales campaign.

And it’s an important one because it can put you at ease to know your agent will regularly update you regarding buyer interest, inspections, and market trends.

Knowing when you’re likely to hear from your agent, and the method of communication they are likely to use establishes a good relationship built on a two-way conversation.

How Eview can assist

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