Heart or head? The home buying process

If you think property is just a bricks and mortar purchase, think again. It’s a highly emotional affair where your heart and your head vie for poll position for who has the biggest say.

The truth is, any property purchase should combine logic with emotion, but here’s how to navigate what seems like a great divide.

The buying reality

The thing about buying a property is inevitably there will be some sort of emotion involved. Whether it’s your ‘forever’ home, the first step on the property ladder or an investment, there’s something about ‘the right property’ that will pique your interest.

But whether you should let the heart rule or the head depends on a couple of factors, including where you are on the property journey, why you’re looking to purchase, and what you hope to achieve.

The reasons for buying

At different stages of life, we buy property for different reasons.

As first home buyers, it’s likely the reason is to simply get a foot on the property ladder and secure a capital gain.

Later it becomes about ‘the ideal property’ we hope to live in, while an investment property is a very different proposition again, where it’s all about securing a property that gains value while also providing an income.

Why you are purchasing and what you hope to achieve should be front of mind when it comes to any property transaction.

Some very big variables

The type of property you select will also depend on your stage of life and financial position. But it’s important to recognise what that stage of life is and the outcome you hope to attain.

First home buyers

When it comes to purchasing a first home, this is very much about strategy and is a purchase that’s ruled by your head. This property is the cornerstone of your real estate future. It should gain you a foot on the property ladder and realise a capital gain.

It’s the type of property you might rent out as an investment when it no longer suits your needs or sell for a profit to get you to the next real estate rung, so this property has a couple of needs to fulfill.

Ideally it will be:

  • Grow in value
  • Suit your needs now
  • Appeal to potential renters in the future
  • Resell for more, when you need it to

Your forever home

Unlike a first home purchase or investment, a forever home is more about heart than head.

This is a home that speaks to your emotions, it’s a place where you can envisage yourself in the long run and it caters to your circumstances.

That said, budget will play a huge role and most people have a couple of forever homes in their lifetime. Their role is to cater to your lifestyle needs at that time.

It might be a family home, a downsizer property, or a lifestyle piece of real estate, but either way, it’s features suit the way you want to live.

An investment

Any investment property is designed to serve two purposes.

It needs to offer an income in the short term and will ideally provide long term capital gain.

Again, this makes this type of property purchase more strategic. You will likely be seeking a property that consistently appeals to renters to ensure ongoing income, but will also enjoy price growth in the long-term.

This property purchase is a business decision where the head should rule the heart.

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