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Our guide to spring selling

Ah spring – It’s that welcome time of year when there’s a scent of possibility in the air, when the colours are just that little brighter, and the days offer up the first tantalising taste of the summer yet to come.

Spring is also considered prime time in real estate when it comes to selling properties, with sellers and buyers seizing the opportunity of warmer weather to turn to the next chapter of their property journey.

If you’re considering harnessing the power of spring to sell your property this year, here’s our guide to spring selling.

Why spring?

Spring is renowned as peak period for selling due to a range of factors. Properties, particularly those in Australia’s southern states, tend to present beautifully in spring courtesy of renewed life in the garden and the warmer, brighter days.

Meanwhile, spring is also the time when people are considering making a move prior to Christmas and the new year ahead. This is when buyers are likely to be on the hunt for a home or unit to meet their needs as they ready to relocate for school or work

So, as a vendor what should you do to maximise the potential of spring selling?

Be ready

To capitalise on potential buyer interest and ultimately sell your property at your desired price, it pays to take the time to prepare your home for sale. And yes, there is still time to jump aboard the spring selling train.

We have some great tips on things to consider when selling your home here. But as a quick recap, it means you should view your property from a buyer’s perspective and ensure you:

  •         Declutter
  •         Undertake any required repairs
  •         Make a positive first impression
  •         Remove personal items
  •         Tidy and tend the garden

So, let’s hone in on some of the finer points, particularly when it comes to spring selling.

First impressions

You know what they say about first impressions…you only have the opportunity to make them once. So, view your property with a critical eye paying particular attention to factors like street appeal, and the entryway to your property.

You’re looking for small but significant things that may raise a red flag with buyers like leaking or rusted gutters, a tired doorway, flaking paint, or loose/cracked paving.

These are things that are inexpensive and quick to fix, so get onto them prior to listing your home.  

The garden in its glory

Spring is all about gardens, so now is the time to showcase yours to best effect.

Trim and tidy trees, plants, and hedges, ensure that lawn is in tip-top condition, and don’t forget the finer details like mulch on the garden beds.

Light, bright and beautiful

Inside the home, spring offers the opportunity to harness natural light and illustrate how fresh and invigorating your property is.

That might mean a quick lick of paint is in order in areas where there’s wear and tear. It also means a good de-clutter is required to remove personal effects and overly bulky furniture.

Then look to your windows, ensuring they are clean and not obscured by dated or heavy curtains and drapes.

The little things

Finally, when it comes time to open your home for prospective buyers, don’t forget the little things like a touch of fresh greenery here and there, or some flowers and bright, inviting fruit bowls.

Selling is a sensory experience and spring offers the perfect time to tap into them all.

Ready to embrace spring selling?

With September having just commenced there is still time to embrace spring selling season and harness the buyer interest that is evident this time of year.

If you would like to speak to one of our agents about the value of your home and get the ball rolling, you can contact us directly here.