Styling your rental property without the damaging effects

Hasn’t this just been a year we won’t forget in a hurry!

As a nation we’ve felt the effects right across our landscape, banding together to fight the ‘good fight’ against devastating bushfires, floods, and unfathomable droughts, and more recently of course navigating our way through a global pandemic.

As we sit in the comfort of our homes, watching the stories unfold across the multiple news channels, hearing of our neighbouring communities battle the unthinkable; listening to friends, family, even strangers recount their heartbreak and devastation, an instantaneous gratification travels our veins. Gratitude for having what we have, no matter what that maybe.

Whether we’re locked down, locking up or even lucky enough to be unlocking, this year has provided us time to strengthen our bond with the four walls we’ve been living within. And there’s no doubt, throughout some point this year, you’ll have tried to cool down or cosy up your abode, adapting to the seasons whilst combatting the prolonged period of gazing at the same space.

If you’re renting, creating a stylish and cosy space that’s reflective of ‘you’ can introduce it’s own set of challenges. So, if you’re currently renting, and would like to inject some more ‘oomph’ in your interior styling, let’s chat about how to do just that.


Your first pit-stop prior to carrying out any physical change, should be to communicate with your property manager/landlord, seeking permission to alter the home. A common misconception from tenants is that landlords are solid obstacles with no flexibility. This isn’t always the case, and in fact, many landlords would be open to the changes, provided they can see the value add you would be providing.

So, it’s always a good idea to communicate your plans prior, as if nothing else, it’s courteous and a good starting point if you want to avoid risking your bond!

Displaying Art

HOORAY! For the past month, Victorians have delightfully had the ability to insert picture hooks into walls without having to gain prior permission! Other states, however, haven’t had such change yet, and still require landlord sign-off prior to puncturing walls with picture hooks.

Either way, it’s now not difficult to display art on the walls these days, using alternative adhesive hooks. Such hooks can be removed without leaving a single trace of their presence, limiting damage to the plaster.

Another alternative, and an interior design trend we’re loving more and more, focuses on leaning artwork and mirrors alike, against the wall from a buffet or sideboard. This adds a hint of personality and fun to the space, and of course, avoids damaging walls!

Large, heavier pieces can sit directly on the floor, whilst a layering formation can help add depths and contrast, to your table styling, whilst aiding in directing your eye across the space. Add some little felt pads to your artwork to take the risk of damage lower again.


If you’re seeking out ways of introducing further colour or texture into your space, yet aren’t planning on painting, the best way to change the aesthetic of a space is to alternate cushions, throws and rugs. These little gems can be really cost effective to switch in and out, and can provide an instant update, adding colour and character to any space.

Capturing colour within a rug helps introduce tone and texture on a large-scale base, whilst also helping create warmth in a space. A large rug will also help limit damage to floorboards or other coverings, so well worth the investment!

Introducing greenery inside can also lift a space, adding colour and life. Making sure your indoor plant has the appropriate irrigation set-up, capturing excessive water, and again, risk of damage is avoided!

Potted Colour

If you’ve been renting for a while, you’ll already have a well-verse appreciation for potted plants! There’s nothing worse than pouring time and energy into your garden, only to have to leave it all behind when you move.

Introducing pots into your garden will not only enable your thriving greenery remain in your care as you move around, they also help to add visual appeal and interest to what’s often a low-maintenance, or minimal garden.

Think quarter wine barrels for veggies and herbs, intricate and cute pots to house succulents, or raised beds as an easy-care option on your back. Visit any garden centre to view an array of modern and eye-catching pots, or if you’re more inclined to seek out something a little unique, there’s often hidden gems lingering in large-scale op-shops or antique yards.

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