The importance of a great neighbourhood

There’s more to house hunting than just finding a nice collection of bricks and mortar. The neighbourhood where you choose to live can also impact the quality of your lifestyle and the sense of community you enjoy.

So, what makes a great neighbourhood, and how do you find one? Well let us share our top tips.

What makes a great neighbourhood?

A great neighbourhood is a place where you feel at home, sharing a community with like-minded people.

The important features of a good neighbourhood may vary for each individual, but could include things like access to public transport, schools, and shopping centres or perhaps green spaces like parks and sporting facilities.

Some elements that make a neighbourhood great are also a little harder to define, but include things like how warm and friendly the people in that area are, who else lives there, how well they maintain their homes, and the general ‘vibe’ you get when you spend time there.

Deciding what you want from a neighbourhood is just as important as deciding what you need in your property, because the neighbourhood will impact how you feel about the area where you live.

So, how do you find a great neighbourhood?

Make a list

Just as you would make a list for features you want from a property, you should also map out exactly what you want from a neighbourhood, noting down your non-negotiable ‘must-haves’ along with the slightly lesser important features that you’d like.

Then it comes down to reconnaissance!

Research, research, research

Good research is critical to making an informed property decision, and it’s no different when it comes to examining the neighbourhood where your potential property might be located.

Take a deep dive into things like maps, suburb profiles and council plans to see what’s available in that neighbourhood now and what’s likely to happen in the future.

There are also some great online resources to assist, including community Facebook pages,, and also the property portals of Domain and which offer suburb profiles and liveability information.

If you’re looking to dive further into the demographics of your prospective suburb, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has great Census profiles that offer a general snapshot of who lives in an area.

Spend time there

While research is imperative, and knowing what you want is critical, nothing beats actually spending time in a neighbourhood when it comes to understanding how that place feels.

Take the time to visit local shops, drive or walk the streets, and spend some leisure time in that neighbourhood’s parks or at the local recreational facilities.

It’s also a great idea to do this at varying times of the day and the week as this gives you an insight into what that neighbourhood is like during peak and quiet times.

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