KRISTEN & JAX and their unapologetically bold move!

There is no question this year has thrown many unthinkable curveballs our way. From bushfires to COVID-19, it is no wonder we are all screeching towards the end of 2020, metaphorically ready to lock it down and throw away the key. 

Having been suspended, cocooned within our own homes for many recent months, a creative perspective was desperately desired, to continue our pre-COVID momentum, both from a personal and professional perspective. For us, launching our fresh, unique brand only moments before lockdown hit, meant we were inevitably met with an instinctual necessity, to creatively adapt in order to service and support our immediate community. 

Initially, a palpable anxiousness was felt across our community, as most of us uncomfortably adapted to a new way of life, operating under new regulations, new rules, and unfamiliar habits. Listening to this profound energy and adapting to a changing environment we consciously allowed ourselves to hit ‘refresh’, settling into a new, slower way of life. Nourishing our souls (and those around us), was key to keeping mentally and emotionally positive during these uncharted times. 

However, as our industry positively and immediately adapted into a virtual world, we listened to the needs of our community, intricately weaving our unique and fun professional perspective into every situation. Instantly, this unveiled to us the desperate need to further modernize and keep up with the buyer/seller demand within our property marketplace. For many, COVID had merely presented an opportunity for creative thinking, rather than a complete blockade, when it came to achieving their fierce property goals.

We knew our unique, fun, and personalized strategy of selling offered limitless possibilities to break pre-conceived boundaries and provide both vendors and buyers with the perfect opportunity to transition, even during our new COVID landscape. Amalgamating our creative ‘out of the box’ concepts, with our transparent systems and strategies, our pre-COVID momentum was immediately met, bolstered by an influx of pleas from eager sellers/buyers, navigating unfamiliar territory.  

Instantly, we were inundated. It was evident that ‘now’ was in fact, a fantastic time to sell. Experiencing first-hand, the adrenaline-inducing and prosperous marketplace, we suddenly recognized this as the ‘right’ time for us personally to dive in headfirst and tackle selling. Not only could we ride this roller-coaster together with our vendors, on a personal note, selling in this marketplace meant we could positively adjust our lifestyle to accommodate our two fur-babies. 

Highlighting our personalities and our genuine drive to sell through our own home’s marketing, meant our two adorable fur babies, Frankie May and Mr Miles became the pin-ups for our home; capturing a true and authentic sense of lifestyle, which for us is ultimately at the core of our approach. 

As agents who have a definitive love-affair with the property market, and an inability to hide our down to earth, heartfelt, fun-loving and personable traits, we can now genuinely say that flair, creative ‘left-of-center’ marketing and a good dash of authenticity is so magnetizing in a marketplace where the mainstream majority follow suit.

You can visit Jax and Kristen’s profile, and see the properties they have on the market, or the properties they have sold, by clicking “Here” or by clicking on the image below!


Kristen and Jax

Image of Jax(left) and Kristen (right)

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