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Five ways landlords can refresh a rental

Every now and then a rental property will require a quick refresh. Whether it’s on the back of a long-term lease or after five or so years of different tenancies, the property might show some wear and tear and just be lacking when it comes to that alluring, fresh pizazz that’s likely to draw in tenants.

The good news is, refreshing your rental doesn’t have to cost the earth, and by keeping it in tip-top condition, you maintain the property’s value.

So here are our top tips on five ways landlords can refresh a rental.

Coat of paint

That poor old paintwork tends to bear the brunt of everyday living, and the colour scheme that might have been all the rage in 2015 could be starting to look a little dated and tired.

That’s why it’s a great idea to budget for a fresh interior coat of paint for your investment property every five or so years.

Fixing and painting over any chips, cracks or knocks helps maintain the rental value of the home, while a nice neutral colour scheme allows the property to look contemporary and inviting.

Window treatments

Window treatments can quickly age a property, and they’re also fixtures which tend to suffer a bit of wear and tear.

Blinds can fray, rollers can stick, and the blind’s fabric can yellow or fade under the harsh rays of the sun. Curtains also take a bit of a battering. The rubber backing can deteriorate, while the fabric design might start to look dated.

If you’re considering giving your rental a refresher, this is one area we suggest landlords look at, in the knowledge new window treatments can really revive any property.

The entryway

When it comes to selling a property, we talk a lot about how much first impressions count. It’s the same when you are marketing a rental property to prospective tenants.

Every now and then the entryway might need a refresher, including a coat of paint for the front door, a waterblast for the porch or paths, and a fascia and gutter clean to remove any staining or mould.

Taps and showerheads

As functional as they are, taps and showerheads are considered design features, which means they too can start to look dated over time. They may also deteriorate due to rust, calcium build-up and other factors, which is why every so often they will need to be replaced.

A new set of taps and showerheads can bring a touch of the modern into a rental property, but we’d suggest landlords seek out contemporary quality over state-of-the-art aesthetics to minimise potential issues in the long run.

Drawer and cupboard handles

Replacing tired cupboard and drawer handles is one of the best tricks in the book when it comes to modernising a property that might be starting to age.

It’s also highly affordable and simple to undertake, and works wonders in areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

The final word

It’s natural to want to minimise your costs as much as possible when it comes to owning an investment property, but it’s equally important landlords appreciate the inherent value of keeping their property looking fresh and appealing.

When a property is well-maintained and looked after, it tends to attract high-calibre tenants, which protects its value in both the short and long-term.

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